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About the Artist

My name is Brad Barnhurst and I'm a gay paper mosaic artist residing in Portland, OR. Each of my mosaics were made completely from paper, cutting and glueing the pieces together forming kinky scenes and colorful characters. I'd describe myself as an overly-ambitious gay kid who's constantly being torn between art, fruity drinks, and being the wallflower of the bunch.

I enjoy examining my gay identity through images of male figures cladded in leather gear, making out, or proudly waving rainbow flags. these portraits were inspired from personal experiences, or fantasies of a place where sexual desires are expressed unashamedly and freely.

I've hosted erotic art shows during various Gay Pride festivals, Mid-Atlantic Leather in DC, as well as sold work in the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, the Mantastic NW show, and other 21+venues across the US.

Since then, I've grown into managing several art co-ops, "Artistic Portland" and the "Alberta Street Gallery", where I also sell my work full time. I also started my own monthly publication titled "(HOMO)saics" that features other gay erotic artists, providing a platform for them to show their work. I believe in contributing to the LGBT community whenever I can, whether that's by donating art to local fundraisers, providing artwork to queer/leather events, and by just displaying my paper mosaics to the public. Visibility should be everywhere. -Brad